what is your sexual orientation?

my sexual orientation is make out with me all of you right now

3,10,15, 28, 42

i’m gonna do the first question thing i reblogged a while ago b/c i like those questions better ok

3: What if I told you that you were pretty?

10: Can you recall the last time you realized you liked someone a lot?

  • um not really i haven’t super liked someone for a while so
15: Is it hard for you to get over someone?
  • depends on the person/situation but yeah usually
28: What is something you currently want right now?
  • hot hot sexy makeouts and sexy times
42: Who do you go to when you need to talk to someone?
  • one of the courtneys or kate usually or a couple other people again dependin on the sitch
you're really cool! and i love you a lot. i just wish you wouldn't be sad sometimes and i wish i could give you a hug when you are.

aw that’s so nice! thank <3

there's this kid i work with (i say kid, but he's, like, 19) whose voice and vocal cadence is just... adorable. me and another co-worker were discussing this and the fact that the kid could say ANYTHING and it would sound cute. moments later, kid scalds his hand with some boiling water and just says "haha ow! i burned myself!". i suppose this isn't as funny if you're just reading it. imagine the voice of a young anime child saying this. ok. trying to think of something actually funny.

omg that sounds fantastic i want an anime coworker

all the guys i work with have pretty deep voices and there’s this one guy with a p sweet beardy scruff going on and a couple months ago we were closing and he was on a roll with some bad puns like “did any of you catch that documentary about electricity? it was shocking” and shit like that and i was like rolling on the floor oh man it’s great and he’s so sarcastic hot damn

Okay so this is in regards to the being sad about not knowing how to make friends thing. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but there IS a little bit of truth in what your parents are saying about putting yourself out there. The part they're not communicating is how absolutely hard it is. But here's the thing, you get better at it. You get better at small talk and building relationships etc. Challenge yourself to some small social interaction every day, and it WILL get easier, eventually.

I know there is I just. I can do like really minimal small talk like “how are you, how was your weekend” whatever but then once you’re past that where do you go? like do I just start listing off shows/movies/music I like until the other person goes “WHOA COOL I LIKE THAT TOO”? I guess I’ve just gotten so used to the like tumblr interactions between people, as dumb as it sounds, that I’m not really sure how people who don’t waste away their lives on a blogging site interact? And I don’t want to scare people away by being ridiculously overexcited about a new episode of a show to have the person be like “yeah i guess it was cool” or whatever i just i dunno i’m dumb but thanks for the message and the advice and stuff <3

omg, its sweets from bones!!!!!! he looks so adorable!!!

yeah i guess he is! i’ve never really watched bones so i just know him from freaks and geeks and that movie “waiting”

who is your icon? i feel like i know his name, but it wont come out.

it’s uh um hang on

oh ok it’s john francis daley from when he was sam on freaks and geeks

are you in that teen wolf rp?

the one with like huntressqueen and joinmypackscott and stuff??? no but i WISH i was i dont’ think i’m funny enough to jump in


all of ‘em? aiight i’ll do it in a read more

how do you do that thing where you write text post and instead of it coming up on your dashboard it just has a 'read more' option

there’s a lil button like ok if you go to make a text post there’s the bar at the top of the box that has like bold, italics, etc. and it’s like towards the right it’s like uh shit what does it look like it looks like this

and you just gotta like put the cursor before the first word in ur post and click that button and ur good 2 go friend

Do you live in Athens?



Pastime: Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered.

uhhhh ok i don’t really have hobbies and i have lost any ability to be embarrassed so????? these are just hobbies 

but i GUESS

  • masturbating (if that counts?)
  • trying to figure out how to make myself look more like a boy
  • laughing alone at the internet
thank you i think i'll try it :)

no problem! I mean, it’s worth a shot, ya know? :)

I saw that you are now using proactive, how is that working for you? I have really bad acne and thats the one thing I havent tried to fix it yet..:/

It’s working pretty well!! The first week I had it I used it twice a day and did all the special steps as directed and my face cleared up really fast. I’ve been slacking the past few days on doing it like religiously but it’s working pretty well so far!

About your social anxiety, the other day I saw someone run up and hug you, and you barely even looked at them. Just sayin.

????????? who hugs me w hat