I wasn't the anon, but topless tuesday sounds sweet right now.

I have to agree. I mean, after that fashion show I want to throw on my cutest underwear and heels and just strut

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You can be a petite “real size” model with me ;D

I’m not like ~petite~ though cos i’m like 5”8 ish??? but SURE i mean my ideal life is getting paid to walk down a runway in pretty underwear and heels so maybe i’ll start a lingerie company for ~real women~ or w/e and just have like unconventional models and shit ys REVOLUTION

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It makes your ass look great, doesn’t it?

Only when I wear the like tighter spandexy workout pants. If i’m just wearing sweats, it doesn’t look SUPER Fab but it still looks P Good

What's your favorite kind of porn?

ALL OF IT. no um uhhhhhhhhhh does true blood count?


i’m too lazy to tag all yall (just kidding i’m tagging you anyway) so um i’m just gonna have to hope you all religiously check my blog or s/t because you’re all obviously super in love with me uhhhh okay

you all know Ms. Adamson? blonde, super cool/nerdy econ teacher? well she’s trying to start up a like LGBT* club of sorts i guess kind of like a GSA at cedar to try and stop the sales of chick fil a biscuits friday mornings because of all this controversy about chick fil a and stuff like that so um would any of you guys be interested in that? well if you are, you should go talk to ms. adamson during the first few weeks of school and tell her i sent you and ask where the shawarma is or ask about a “group hug” (she’ll know what you’re talking about)

and also like spread the word to any other underclassmen (wow i guess you guys aren’t really underclassmen anymore) who would be interested in this or who are lgbtq themselves or allies or whatever if you could that’d be awesome 

thank you for your time!

Do you think I'm hawt?

taking into consideration the fact that apparently someone said you look like me/vice versa, i’m gonna have to say yiss

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I have never ever needed to parallel park

that’s what I’m sayin why do we even need to LEARN aside from this stupid test like

the only place i’ve ever seen actual parallel parking happen is like new york city and even then there’s not even SPOTS so it doesn’t MATTER UGH

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But you have to parallel park for the test

yep and i will learn, take the test, then promptly forget how to do it and make sure i always go places where there are regular damn parking lots


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If you really need someone to teach you, I could

i mean my mom’s gonna teach me but still

ideally i wouldn’t have to learn it at all

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Dude, just get it. You’ll be happy you did in like two months from now when the man of your dreams wants to go out for coffee and your parents are asleep. (Totally a likely scenario)

You mean when one of my Cute Coworker boys rings me up to go see Batman or The Hobbit or something

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got em through two years of hardwork and switching fandoms like CRAZY

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I only have 15 followers T_T

540 yo

Well if you ever get tired enough, I'm sure there are a lot of followers on here that would willingly whip it out or strap on their best dildos for you <3

Oh, no that’snot the problem. Distance is the problem, dear. Hahahaha

Hey thurr. Do you like being a virgin? (I think that might fall under the category of TMI question)

Hm. Tbh it depends on my mood?? Like there’s definitely a large percentage of the time where I wish I wasn’t so I’d be more comfortable with physical contact and stuff like that but there’s also a lot of the time that I’m glad I didn’t just go like toss my virginity away to some random dude. I dunno, really I kind of wish I could just be done with it and be able to have sexytimes but meh whatever. 

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But you’re so classy anyways!

The nails complete the class!